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EVP - electronic voice phenomenon - These are voices usually not heard at the time of the recoding.  Now, many skeptics discount these as cell phone or radio waves.  However, EVP's have been recorded since  the invention of recording devices.  There was no "interference" 100 years ago.  They can be graded in the following way:

Grade A - Clearly heard and understood without any enhancement or disruption from background noise

Grade B - A voice or noise is heard but can be interpreted differently by different people and requires amplification or background noise reduction

Grade C - An unexplained noise that cannot be understood 

Grade R - a recording that needs to be reversed to be understood

The best way to listen to EVPs is to be in a quiet room and use a good pair of headphones.  Often, you need to focus on the background noise, not the words being spoken by the live people

Top EVPs So Far............ 

evpstayherelemp.wma evpstayherelemp.wma
Size : 410.917 Kb
Type : wma
evpfrench.wma evpfrench.wma
Size : 463.276 Kb
Type : wma
evpmakemerblhtl.wma evpmakemerblhtl.wma
Size : 1340.45 Kb
Type : wma
evpbrightlightBM.wma evpbrightlightBM.wma
Size : 201.429 Kb
Type : wma
evpsingBM.wma evpsingBM.wma
Size : 751.304 Kb
Type : wma
evpbdayBM.wma evpbdayBM.wma
Size : 70.503 Kb
Type : wma

Lemp Mansion - a spirit was playing with us to stay in the room.  Every time we gathered our equipment to leave, the ghost radar would give us a couple words and we would stay. 

Private investigation - We believe it is a female child spirit.  The same voice was caught in other EVPs.  We believe this one says "Mama, s'il vous plait"  There were French settlers in this area.  The French phrase means please. 

Reubel hotel - Spirit box session.  Someone had attitude when we asked them to tell us their name. 


Bobby Mackey's- Spirit Box session.  I don't think they liked our flashlight. 


Bobby Mackey's - Spirit Box Session.  Someone tried to sing for us. 


Bobby Mackey's - We were still on the tour of the building and came to a part that was the party room.   Although the spirit box was running in the background, this clearly did not come through it.


evp formal dining rectory.wav evp formal dining rectory.wav
Size : 647.982 Kb
Type : wav
evp fam dining rectory corrupt.wav evp fam dining rectory corrupt.wav
Size : 1695.85 Kb
Type : wav
evp fam dining rectory help.wav evp fam dining rectory help.wav
Size : 1317.57 Kb
Type : wav
Lincoln dressing room year born.wav Lincoln dressing room year born.wav
Size : 1146.359 Kb
Type : wav
evpmchhelpme.wav evpmchhelpme.wav
Size : 1475.857 Kb
Type : wav
evpmchquiet.wav evpmchquiet.wav
Size : 1283.244 Kb
Type : wav
evpmalebasementbia.wma evpmalebasementbia.wma
Size : 790.61 Kb
Type : wma
evpadultbia.wma evpadultbia.wma
Size : 384.737 Kb
Type : wma
evphatbia.wma evphatbia.wma
Size : 554.946 Kb
Type : wma
evpmoveonbia.wma evpmoveonbia.wma
Size : 738.216 Kb
Type : wma
evptouchsmc.wma evptouchsmc.wma
Size : 764.396 Kb
Type : wma
evpstaysmc.wma evpstaysmc.wma
Size : 306.163 Kb
Type : wma
evpmessagesmc.wma evpmessagesmc.wma
Size : 410.901 Kb
Type : wma
evpcomeonsmc.wma evpcomeonsmc.wma
Size : 240.7 Kb
Type : wma
evplightauburn.wav evplightauburn.wav
Size : 4038.109 Kb
Type : wav
evpfkuauburn.wav evpfkuauburn.wav
Size : 1913.414 Kb
Type : wav
Size : 28549.608 Kb
Type : zip

Grade B: The EVP is amplified.  We believe it says "He moved up, help me." 

Grade B: There are 2 EVP's in this segment.  The first sounds like "The boy shoot me."  The second is the deep male voice that comes in at the end between the female voices.  We only had females on this investigation.  It says "My ???? pussy." 

Grade A: A deeper voice that comes in between the second female's comments saying "help" 

Grade A: We were getting flashlight responses from this spirit.  I tried to ask what year he was born and did not got a reponse until I listened to my voice recorder....

Grade A and B: This has 3 phrases in it.  The first says "I'm over here" and is amplified.  You hear a picture taken the a "".  The third says "There's something back there."

Grade B: We are getting ready to do an EVP session.  You can hear a male voice talk over mine "you all be quiet". 

Bartonville Insane Assylum - Pollack Hospital 

 Grade B-: This is two clips put together, but really separated by a few minutes.  You can hear the same male voice.  However even amplified it is difficult to understand, as he sems to have as Irish? accent.  This is from the basement of the Pollack Hospital - Bartonville Insane Assylum.

Grade B  : Amplified response to question at the end of the clip. 

 Grade A:  Did she hear the word subconsiously and then think to ask the question?

Grade B+: Only amplified slightly for easy listening. 

 St. Mary's Cemetary

Visited this cemetary just to try out some new epuipment.  Unfortunately the construction site next door was very active.  However, I was excited to hear multiple EVP's.  Even though they are not the best quality, it was interesting to find my Ghost Radar App was talking around these same times.





 R Theater Auburn, IL

Grade B+:  A very polite little girl.

Grade B: And then there was the potty mouth spirit....